Battery Rebuild Request

We are in the business to provide you with a brand new battery for your device. In some instances, however, new batteries are simply not available. In these cases, we can rebuild your existing battery (providing it is no longer functional) specializing in Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lead Acid batteries.

Rebuild Process
When we receive your battery we inspect it to make sure the battery is in fact dead. Many times we receive a battery which is dead, but may have a defective charger or the actual unit is defective. We suggest testing these components before sending in a battery. We don’t want to rebuild a dead battery pack just to find out you have a problem with your device. This is the responsibility of the customer.

Why Rebuild
Many times batteries are not available, or the cost is just too expensive to replace. With the rebuild program we are able to offer an alternative to the high cost of a replacement battery or the obsoletion of a product. Many customers are delighted to find they can still use a device they are familiar with and not forced into planned obsolescence.

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We currently do not recell Lithium Ion batteries. They can be hazardous, and if not done correctly, making sure all circuits are working, they can cause harm. (There are also airline travel restrictions for Lithium Ion)